Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lake, focus

So, this will probably be a long post. I've missed about a month, I guess, so consider it make-up time.

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to the lake house. Jack's waving hand is my favorite in this one, but I wish the rest of the photo had come out clearer:

I experimented with Kirsten's sunglasses that she left on the edge of the dock:

Again. And I think the reason this one isn't as pleasing to the eye as the first and the last ones is because there are too many layers of unfocused background behind the in-focus dock in the foreground. I think if the glasses were sitting against a plain background, focusing on the foreground would look better.

I think this one (below), or the first one, is my favorite. If I knew how, I would play around with black & white and the yellow of the glasses -- b&w everything except for yellow, probably. I need to invest in Photoshop, I guess!

Behold! Kirsten and the Golden Fork:

The wedding is five weeks away, so I doubt you'll see much more of me til then. But I expect some great photo opportunities from the Napa Valley honeymoon!

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