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Hi, I'm Abbie, and I like to take photos. If you stand still long enough, it probably won't be long until I take your photo.

My obsession with photography began halfway around the world, in Greece, in January 2006. I was studying abroad there for three weeks and had a little Canon Powershot SD 200 with me to document my trip. The camera was actually new; I had researched compact cameras for weeks, looking for the right one for me. And that camera took some great shots! Here's the Temple of Zeus, in Athens:

When I got home from Greece and showed my photos to my friends and family, they couldn't stop telling me how great my photos were -- how much they looked like postcards (some!).

So, I let those words marinate in my brain for about six months, until I went on another study abroad trip, this time to Oxford, England, and for five months. I again took my trusty Powershot SD 200. Again, it took some nice photos, even in tricky conditions! See the shot below of a Michaelmas term crew race:

When I came home from England and showed my photos to my friends and family (again), they (again) couldn't stop telling me how much they liked them.

I took the hint.

In 2007, I started researching DSLRs. I decided to buy a Canon since I'd had Canons before and liked them, and had never had any problems. For Christmas in 2007, my now-husband bought me the Canon EOS 350D / Rebel XT with the kit lens (see What I Shoot With for more info).

The learning curve was steep (and only gets steeper!), but I've since moved on to the Canon 5D, which has suited me well as I delve deeper into the world of portraiture and "people" photography. I love to take photos of people doing things they like to do in the environments they like to do them in (some would call this "environmental portraiture"). I like photographing human interactions. I am enjoying learning about the ins and outs of photojournalism. I also like to document fun times and vacations with my family and friends, experiment with my photography and digital processing, and try photo projects like my Framed! project.

My family may think I have a natural talent for photography, but I know better. I have a lot to learn! I am always reading, always looking at great photography, and always trying to learn a little more.  

I hope you like what you see on my site. Thanks for visiting!

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