Monday, May 3, 2010

LR presets, 135L

Played with the 135L some more over the weekend. Also tried out a few Lightroom presets while processing -- which I've recently learned about. Presets could be dangerous for me; I am still learning a lot about post processing... the last thing I need is a way for someone else to do it for me, and to do it better! But I'm hoping I'll be diligent enough to use them as learning tools. They are fun for now.

I mean, no one can deny that this lens has some delicious bokeh. The rest of this garden has blurred into a Creamy Green Backdrop of Heaven:

I am trying to get better at close-ups / "mini-scenes"... I find it difficult to make them interesting and captivating:

Here's a black & white of the graveyard at my friend's grandparents' property. It is a gorgeous place, very pastoral:

And here's an attempt at using one of my newly-acquired presets. This one was taken with the 50mm by my husband:

So, the presets are fun; I downloaded a bunch from Presets Heaven. When I have time, I'd love to work backwards from one of them and see how the effect was achieved so that I can recreate it myself! I want so badly to get better at processing. It's so important.

Conclusions: 135L is tastier than ever, but I am dyyying for a willing model to pose for me and stare deep into the glass so I can practice getting sharp headshots. Pretty please...

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  1. Absolutely love the photos - especially the first three. You are so good at this!