Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still a lot to learn

Though I've just recounted everything I've learned in the past year, I feel it's important to mention the things that I hope to learn in the coming year, and beyond.

Among them:

1. How to use an external flash
a. As fill flash
b. For catchlights in the eyes
c. As the primary source of light
d. How to make flash not look like flash!
2. When to use filters, and which filters are most helpful in which situations
3. More post-processing techniques
4. More post-processing techniques
5. More post-processing techniques

....I think you get the drift :)

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly,

6. Continue to develop my "creative eye."

So that's it for Look for the link to the new blog in the next (and final) post!

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