Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Hello all,

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  1. Hi Abbie,

    Thank you so much for reading my blog! I'm sorry you had issues commenting. Maybe it's because I have chosen to moderate them first.

    I loved your thoughts and suggestions. While I had heard there were lens converters, I would still be timid in using them because I'm a bit OCD and like for things to be meant to go together like they're supposed to. I know that Canon lenses are made for Canon cameras and same with Nikon, so I would have a hard time sharing them. It is good to keep in mind, though, because I am always up for saving money!

    I can't say I would regret having two systems, because I won't always haul both around together. Lugging it around would be my biggest and only issue because I would love to have both Nikon and Canon. I won't discriminate! :)

    Why do you refer to yourself as a "former 'gear head'"? You sound like you still are which is awesome because once I'm done writing this, I will go back through all of your posts from the beginning. :)

    As far as the full frame vs. crop-sensor model, I lean toward full frame because of the higher ISO capability. I avoid using flash whenever possible, so ISO quality is really important to me. It is something to consider, though.

    Again, thank you, and I am looking forward to reading through your blog! Good luck with you too!


  2. Kirsten,

    I too would be hesitant to rely on adapters -- I don't blame you there! I totally understand about using one system for one type of work and another for another. My only reason for mentioning it was to say that instead of having to buy 3 or 4 lenses for the Canon, and 3 or 4 (likely similar) lenses for the Nikon, you could have two cams of the same make and have enough $ left over to buy 5 or 6 lenses that could be shared. You could perhaps broaden the scope of your equipment that way.

    Anyway, just a thought!

    I say "former" gear head because I'm trying to shake the bug! I was obsessed with reading about lenses and filters and cameras and everything else for a couple of months -- mostly before I made my first few lens purchases. Then I made a conscious decision to step back from gear and remember to consider the broader picture of artistry that surrounds photography. I think it's a step that everyone has to take, though (being a gear head) -- you have to learn about the gear somehow!

    And I agree with you about full-frame -- I just moved over to the Canon 5D "classic" a few months ago. I love the atmosphere that full frame produces. I likely won't return to crop. I suggested a crop cam if you decided to go with two cams of the same make -- again, the extra reach would in effect multiply your lenses by giving you different focal lengths. But I totally understand sticking with FF!

    Anyway! Thanks for the reply. I hope you enjoy the posts here. Feel free to follow me over to the new blog, as well! I won't be adding any more new posts here.


  3. We're totally on the same page! I will be following your new blog as well, but wanted to read through this one first. I'm sorry if I comment and you have to come back to this blog to check it, but if I do, just know I can't help myself! Thank you!


  4. It's no problem! I hope you enjoy reading through.