Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Manual focus with the 5D

The sun was shining today, and temperatures were in the 60s. It was glorious! I'd like to say that spring is officially here, but I'm terrified I'll jinx it all!

Anyway, when I got home from work [thanks to daylight savings time, there was a lot of sunlight left], I ran outside with the 5D and snapped a few frames. I tried manual focusing with the 85mm, and here are the results (I freaking love this shot).

This is at ISO100, f/2, manual focus:

...and here is a 100%(-ish) crop of where I focused (manually. haha. I'm so proud):

So! Putting aside the bit of CA that you can see in this close crop, I think it's not bad! I was quite proud of the results.

But the regular-size image... I think it's just lovely. I think the bokeh is great; the colors are nice. I might use it as my desktop image -- I need to update it anyway. Currently it's a snow photo! We're obviously way past that :)

Here's one more of some flowers right in front of our building. At ISO100, f/2:

The weather has put me in a fabulous mood. My birthday is coming up... it's next weekend. I hope these temperatures stick around :)

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