Friday, April 9, 2010

Using natural light

A couple of posts ago I promised to find some photographers who shot exclusively with natural light. Well, not only did I find a few, but I also found some good tips on how to use natural light effectively for portraits.

I found Marmalade Photography, and they prove you can do a lot with natural light:

I also found Lauri Baker organic imagery, who does some fabulous black and whites.

I found Audrey Woulard, who can do some amazing things with light! Proof:

And then I found Beth Lofgren Photography, where Beth from Tennessee captures very natural-looking (and naturally lit!) scenes... and gracefully! See:

I am encouraged.

I think I can get away with this if I learn to always stay very aware of where the light is coming from, and how much is coming from where. I also wouldn't be opposed to acquiring (or creating home-made) a couple of reflectors to take along every once in a while.

It also seems to be all about placing your subject in the ideal location -- which isn't always possible, especially with candids, but it's something to think about when choosing my own seat at an event, or when wandering around, wondering where to stand. Stand in the place where the light will work for you and for your photos!

I see lots and lots of practice in my future!

Note: No photos in this post are mine; see corresponding links!

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